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Data analytic skills and marketing managers 

how are you creating new value?

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Do you feel you need to catch up with how to use analytics to better understand customers, social media data, competition or sales changes, but you fear that your days of statistics and computer science is behind you?

Never before have marketing managers had this much information on their customers, partners and competition at disposal to make informed and smarter decisions; yet they are more than ever criticized about the lack of actionable insights that derive from it.

In this webinar we will discuss how to bridge this gap between the marketing and data analytics and provide some tips on:

  • New (big-data era) brand and customer metrics that rule the day
  • How big data and machine learning can be put in context of standard segmentation, targeting and positiong that marketing managers typically do
  • How marketers are often using “wrong” approaches to get the online content go viral


We will show that you do not need to be a computer scientist or data programmer to use the big data smartly.

Matilda Dorotic is associate professor at BI Norwegian Business School, Department of marketing. She teaches executives on how to Create value with customer and market analytics for improving strategic decisions-making and regularly uses data-analytics in research projects with Norwegian, European and US firms and public bodies.

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